Navigating the overly-complicated world of Health Insurance

Recently I have discovered that insurance companies now offer up to 6 tiers of prescription coverage as well special dreaded disease programs.  They also offer some medicines on their program as covered medicines only to carry the hefty $200 price tag.  I have also discovered that there are some tricks you can use to get … More Navigating the overly-complicated world of Health Insurance

Holistic Healing Fair Fabulousness

What a wonderful day of learning, meeting new people and spreading the word.  We had wonderful turn out for the event with presentations from myself, Kim Naugle Long about acupressure, Laurie Hart demonstrating the Energy Routine, Lynn Halverson with Lifeline technique, Anni Paisley with her tarot discussion, And Paul D’Souza with healing circle.  This was … More Holistic Healing Fair Fabulousness

Gratitude with Healing

Everything keeps pointing me back to the importance of the “attitude of gratitude.”  The more that I study and practice sound healing techniques, the more that I understand the importance of just simply giving thanks, moment to moment.  This frequency within the body allows for optimum functioning and is the frequency for healing and weathering … More Gratitude with Healing

Getting the word out

After walking form business to business on Prince Avenue today, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with excitement.  Everyone was open and receptive to the Holistic Healing Fair!  I handed out fliers and hung fliers at Avid Bookstore (love you Janet!!), Model Citizen, Daily Co-op, Hendershot’s (so thankful Seth reopened here!), and Taco Stand on … More Getting the word out

Networking begins

It’s official!  The Holistic Healing Network of Athens Area has its very own website.  Here we will be creating a list of vetted providers with peer reviews so that newcomers to the area geographically and newcomers to holistic healing have a resource.  Please feel free to add to the lists.  I am hoping to have … More Networking begins