Gratitude with Healing

Everything keeps pointing me back to the importance of the “attitude of gratitude.”  The more that I study and practice sound healing techniques, the more that I understand the importance of just simply giving thanks, moment to moment.  This frequency within the body allows for optimum functioning and is the frequency for healing and weathering the worst of daily events.  This feeling helps to empower the physical body.

Happiness, love, and compassion are the key feelings of wellness that I work with in my sessions.  These are incredibly healing frequencies within the body, but I have begun to understands that gratitude in the moment to moment is the key in the real world.  It is not realistic for me to think I can feel love and compassion at every step, because let’s be honest, some people are just really darn frustrating.  But what I have been learning is that the key to it all is gratitude.  At the end of the day I can review the events and a particularly irritating encounter, and learn about myself.  The person who upsets me the most is simply a mirror of something about myself that I have yet to identify, witness, acknowledge, and understand/allow.  If I study myself in that mirror, then I can grow and learn and heal myself.  For this, I can be grateful.

For what these people/interactions teach me, I can choose to be grateful.  This is empowering.  Chose gratitude and you will feel the energy throughout the digestive system expand.  Gratitude helps the spleen to function well and cravings for sugar drop off.  The liver can freely process emotions and cravings for alcohol and bad fats diminish.  The small intestine has the digestive juices it needs to handle the food in a timely yet efficient manner.  The large intestine is balanced and toned as well.  Emotions are balanced and you see and acknowledge them all.  This is emotional fluence and well-being.


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