Getting the word out

After walking form business to business on Prince Avenue today, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with excitement.  Everyone was open and receptive to the Holistic Healing Fair!  I handed out fliers and hung fliers at Avid Bookstore (love you Janet!!), Model Citizen, Daily Co-op, Hendershot’s (so thankful Seth reopened here!), and Taco Stand on Milledge Avenue.  This is going to be a great event with some many wonderful healers. authors, and heart-centered health coaches! I cannot wait to share my methods and techniques with everyone there.  I am super excited to learn about the Lifeline Technique, aromatherapy, reflexology, and so many others.  We are so blessed to be in such a wonderful time where people are open to trying new things.  Empowering all of us to connect with new clients and reach out to the community makes me so happy.  Engage, connect, empower, and reclaim power! Love wins!


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